Aslı Çelikel

Production of art is often mentioned with the effect that it creates on the audience and the emotion that it transmits. However, art is also an instrument that contributes to the one who produces it. Alain de Botton, in his book "Art as Therapy" mentions art as a solution for many of the fundamental problems and also a form of therapy. 

The project of Aslı Çelikel, Pure, is a series of photographs which are the result of the artist's effort to simplify her own life. The artist has begun to make radical changes in her life while getting over a difficult couple of years she experienced, and in order to simplify her life, she threw away the things that she collected like a hoarder. And now the number is up to simplify her photography production. 

Çelikel's project statement is also so simple: "'Pure' are the tiny fragments of the world that I dream to see when I wake up every morning. ‘Pure' is the desire to purify ourselves from the pollution in our minds, created by the synthetic and chaotic world imposed on us. The world is complicated and fast enough. Simple and slow is all we need…" 

Pure consists of placeless/ timeless photographs of the everyday objects which are very simplified by the artist. It also offers a calmness by means of color and aesthetic for the audience. 

Çelikel continues to put new photographs to the series.

It is also a matter of curiosity that whether the increase in the number of photographs in a work focuses on simplification will cause discomfort after a while.