Fatma Gültekin

Are the streets defined by the street numbers really the ones without any special features? Or do they keep the secret about the characteristics of the world of that street? The answer must be the second one. Fatma Gültekin's photography projects identified by numbers are like a street that does not let its emotions be seen to us. This is the most unbeknown in information and shortest named project published on Orta Format until now. 

Fatma Gültekin produces all her photographs through a natural process, without any fiction; and the feelings of many of these extemporary scenes are common. Each series of photographs carry the charm of the past after it has become the past. Although things in the frame seem to be a trace of life, friends, and places when we look at them only as people and objects; there is only one sentence that these things say when they come together with the charm on them: "Those days were very beautiful". 

Her series usually do not pursue a particular story but collect the same feeling or search. Looking at these works one by one reinforces the sense of recall. These numbered series, none of which follow on a linear line illustrate the mind that collects fragments from different moments when someone tries to remember a specific moment. The project that we include here, number I, is the moments which gathers light, shadow, and reflection around their own secrets. This one is the least-remembered stories.