Cameron Schiller 2015-2017

Cameron Schiller

"Cameron Schiller 2015-2017" is a selection from diaries that Schiller has also published online. 

Cameron Schiller states that this work is a diary that includes her close acquaintances and also it provided her to make explorations about herself. Schiller explains the people in her photographs: "Most of the people in my work are my friends and repeated characters. I have an abject fascination with these people because I see them all the time. It is voyeuristic – which is somewhat just the inescapable nature of photography – but it's very much about my own discovery of these people, whom I find strange and awesome in equal measure."

The way that photographs reflect the space and people is based on naturality. For the ones in the frame, the difference between the presence and absence of the camera is gone. Along with this, the purity and uniqueness of the photographs attract the audience as well as give them a feeling of uneasiness. Consequently, works of Nan Goldin come to mind as well. Schiller says that the first photobook that she was excited about was Nan Goldin's "The Ballad of Sexual Dependency", and she adds: "Nan Goldin is probably my biggest inspiration. I think that's partly because I really identify with her world – she was also from a small town and then at some point just merged herself into her tribe of outcasts and the LGBT community. There's a real alignment there for me because there's a lot of drag and dressing up and people who are really open with their sexuality and their gender in my world too. We're both photographing our scenes from within them." 

According to Schiller, nowadays everything is controlled and curated by the obsession with social media. For this reason, we are missing out on the real and fascinating world. As for that, she shares herself and the sensitive parts of the world with us sincerely and completely.