Shadow of Doubt

Onur Girit

One of the artists who had participated in Studio Vortex, Desislava Şenay Martinova, explained both this workshop and Antonio d'Agata as: "A workshop whose participants have no problems but themselves, and with this assumption they perceive what is going on around them on that way, and who can live the same life no matter where they live.". Other than themselves, there is no other problem and a place to go; the journey of those who choose to tell their own stories.  
One of the other artists of this year's workshop was Onur Girit who follows his own story in this unknown place. The photographs of Girit's work which builds on finding a way in this life-death cycle also gives the signs of a feeling of pursuit. The fact that it is produced in a very short period of time, and that the photographs contain sometimes physical darkness, sometimes an emotional one, creates a short-lived and short-range fire of a match kind of feeling which is burned to see the way.