Alphabet of Sleep

Neslihan Koyuncu
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Neslihan Koyuncu is an artist who works on objects that are around us in our daily lives and we take for granted and who recounts people using these objects.

Koyuncu's work, "Alphabet of Sleep," focuses on a typographical search on people through beds on which we spend 1/4th of our daily lives. Koyuncu takes photos of creases that are formed on bed covers after a 6 hour sleep and records sounds. She presents these photographs together with the creases in a symbolic way which seem like letters. These creases on the whole, can be seen as a typographical experiment as some written way of language.

To think of the form your bed covers which are perfect when you go to sleep at night take, indicating some sort of process and to find a way of turning it into a narrative tool, is also thrilling. This work is an indicator of how well Koyuncu observe objects, and therefore follow the traces people leave - in a humorous way.

Photography, even it depends on the immobility of the image or the duration of exposure, is a recording of some moment on a surface. Koyuncu uses the documentary characteristic of photography and she finds another medium to record the process: bed and covers. And she documents these objects and uses them as symbols in a hieroglyphic way.

Koyuncu plans to do an installation that will include sound when she exhibits her work. In this way, the language she created about sleep, can tell more to the viewer in terms of different symbols and make the viewer think in different terms as well.

Although essentially objects are produced from what is natural, the outcome products surely are not. If you leave your wooden table in the woods, it cannot leaf out or take root. That's why Koyuncu carries out her search and examines the state between what is natural and not can be read as a continuance of her narrative. Koyuncu told us when we were talking: "After my solo exhibition in which I told stories from inside a household, I took interest in the untamed world. After I swam in Uçansu Waterfalls I went last summer, I start pondering upon the relationship between human and nature. Nowadays, I try to express the duality between natural and unnatural things through miniatures or making natural-looking water pools. The metaphor of water is an imagery that haunts subconscious. Because I grew up in Antalya, I witnessed lots of time the disappearance of skyline. I started questioning the feeling of infinity and divinity when I was really small, so I also started pondering upon water as a concept even in my works dealing with objects. You can also find it in my photographs and even in my old paintings."

Neslihan Koyuncu tells unending stories just like the motion of objects and nature. Like 1001 Nights when you think a tale ends you just start to explore another one. Therefore, every answer breaks the immobility created by another routine.