You Have an Odd Energy.

Cansu Korkmaz
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Cansu Korkmaz has taken interest in the concept "infra-ordinary" Georges Perec created by asking questions in one his essays: "How will we explain what's happening every day, what is regenerated every day, the banal, the daily, the obvious, the collective, ordinary, the in-common, the humming behind the background, how will we question and describe it?" She also includes the description "You have an odd energy" a woman gave one day by chance, and she begins her work which gives that phrase its due in early 2013. She attributes importance to the daily, the second nature, and thus the details we take for granted.

Cansu Korkmaz started taking photography lessons in her high school years and shares her works online at "You have an odd energy" in which she publishes her short photography series regularly since 2013. As she presents us with various, independent, small series in terms of their form, content and feeling, she also gathers them all under one giant roof.

It is common, the narrator decides on a story, takes some photos representing that story, and then starts preparing the series on a desk. S/he eliminates some photographs to make the work stronger or discovers an association between photos that were taken in completely different times with completely different feelings after all those years. Maybe that is a solemn and secure way of doing it. However, in "You Have an Odd Energy" Cansu Korkmaz alters this practice and includes everything she has felt into her work without procrastinating. Each of these personal series gives us clues about Cansu Korkmaz and her life, it helps us to become part of the way she perceive things even for an instant. Furthermore, it invites us to see the visual and intellectual change the artist underwent within a long period like 2 years. And this is a really special invitation...

Cansu Korkmaz has left all the photographs she took to the streets by publishing her series into a book which consists of fragments arousing one's appetite in 2014, and she chose to circulate this book through people she knows without resorting to any distribution channel. Maybe someday the streets treat you fairly and leave Cansu's book into your lap.