Emin Yüksel
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"Transition" is Emin Yüksel's project which he worked on when he was on a long distance journey between two cities, and which consists of roads, landscapes and found objects.

Yüksel transforms the route between İstanbul where he lives and Artvin where he was born, and he redefines this route in a non-linear fashion. The work doesn't attempt to be a road story, it doesn't compose a time/space schedule between these two stops. Instead, it consists of photographs which give the impression of an inner journey. It confronts the viewer with images that can be observed between any two points, images that live inside one's mind and images that are framed by photographs from within.

A journey is defined usually as an activity aimed at arriving some place and the road is seen as a tool for proceeding. However, if one examines and evaluates the process, other feelings might arouse. After all, the road also has a memory in its own right. It owes this memory to the people traveling, and people living around the areas where we call the road. And Yüksel is someone to record these traces. Although recording may resemble the stream of consciousness, Yüksel's photo-book bears a form that fragment the road, subvert it and rejoining it anew.

Incorporating his book inside an independent space in a 3 day exhibition, Yüksel thinks his book take on a new meaning as an artwork in some space. The roads, the processes being able to be seen in a book through a different theme and in a completely abstract environment, makes the road more inviting.