Second Floor River

Matteo Pasin
Orta Format
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2nd Floor River, is Matteo Pasin's project where he makes analogies between local trains and rivers.

Pasin's naming of his project actually guides the viewer to look directly into the photographs. The title on the one hand, makes a reference to nature, and is an indicator that we can also encounter unnatural things. Railroad tracks dwells in an artificial axis consequential to human creation/destruction. Just like the rivers, they open up a channel for themselves within the chaotic environment of the cities. Just as it can develop and nourish the city, it can also be the reason to spread the chaos.

The rationale of the water is to reach the lowest level. However, monotony and inertia rules the rivers in these cities. There is an obscurity as to where they go/if they go somewhere or not. What is in the open, is that it somehow effects the life around it.