Issue #11

Bas Princen Reservoir

The buildings which can give a cue about where we stand, are getting more and more monotonous. Regardless of the environmental conditions and human phenomena within different geographies in the world, similar buildings are rising. Consequently, landscapes of different cities are becoming more and more uniform to a degree where it is impossible to tell where that geography is.

Matteo Pasin Second Floor River

2nd Floor River, is Matteo Pasin’s project where he makes analogies between local trains and rivers.

Daniele Del Nero After Effects

We imagine the cities in which live, the buildings, the bridges and roads as they are eternal. "After Effects" is Daniele Del Nero's project where he focuses on the permanency of buildings.

Ray Ewing Realistic Worlds

We come across all kinds of various images in our daily lives. From the visuals on product packages to artificial forms and gigantic prints, there is a constant reference to themes which attract our attention. For we all have our own phantasies; we all have things we want to own, places we want to be.

Jamie Alvarez Time

“Time” is a photography series consisting of Jaime Alvarez’s manipulated family photos in a period in which his father is sick. The artist creates his narrative through the relative passing of time.

G.E.M. G.E.M. (No: #01)

G.E.M. also serializes on next issues.

Merve Ünsal On Photography, Beyond Photography

In 2 essays I wrote for Orta Format, I am bringing up issues that are outside of "doing" photography. In other words, I try to discuss how I perceive photography, how I criticize and talk about it, as well as interpreting other's works, trying to frame them or questioning if I form a transparent outline rather than drawing a rigid framework.

Çınar Eslek A Conversation with Çınar Eslek

A conversation with Çınar Eslek on the relationship between her works and her choice of medium in her practice.