Submerged Art

Hortense La Calvez - Mathieu Goussin
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Mass production materials are usually identical and a slightest alteration is considered as a defect. The function is explicitly definite. However, Hortense La Calvez and Mathieu Goussin make installations from these products and they re-create them in an environment unnatural to them, under water.

It is obvious that over-industrialization would create bigger problems in the near future. However, with the constant promotion of consumption, it seems impossible that the rate of mass production will decrease. The constraints on recycling consequently lead to environmental pollution. Within this context, the work transforms the products that might become waste and pollute the seas, into constructs looking like they are part of the underwater world. The unusual reason they come together and the way they stand underwater, show these materials as transformed and evolved beings. Although they are rendered attractive by the buoyancy of water rather than gravity, they are like different species trying to accommodate themselves to an alien world. So, appearing as they are weightless and slow, these objects are in complete contrast with the way they are produced and consumed in the real world.

La Calvez and Goussin build a narrative by using different disciplines like photography and installation in their works. They claim to get their inspiration from Roman Signer's conceptual architecture and Susanna Majuri's poetic photography.