Pezhman Zahed
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Blowback is Pezhman Zahed's project containing early financial reports of Anglo-Iranian Co. which was founded in the beginning of the 20th century to drill oil in Iran before the company's nationalization period.

Today the company belongs to BP, and it was claimed to take the lead in an operation to overthrow Muhammed Musaddik's government which was looking after Iran's interests and was elected democratically. The maneuver, with CIA and MI6 behind the scenes, known as Operation Ajax, resulted in Musaddik's execution in the following process.

This is just one of the many cruel wars of interest waging in the earth. Later on, rise of anti-Western sentiments in public caused by conflicts with Anglo-Iranian Co. and reluctant entrance to WWII, paved the way for the Iranian Revolution in 1979.

When composing his photographs in his project, Zahed creates a fluid surface via sound waves with a specific frequency, and takes photos. Sound waves which are used to create forms are recorded as figures corresponding to payment of royalties made to Iran and net profits subtracting the taxes in UK within the most critical 40 years before the company was nationalized.

The extracts taken from declassified documents and images found shortly before the Operation Ajax along with the photographs, Zahed's quotation from the historian L.P. Elwell-Sutton on UK's approach to Iran, is also quite striking: "So began the industry that was to see the Royal Navy through two world wars, and to cause Persia more trouble than all the political maneuverings of the great powers put together."