Irina Volgareva
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"This project is about nostalgia for the past, in some way, it is about disappearance." The text of Irina Volgareva's project "Pioneers" begins with this sentence. Volgareva brings together two different lifestyles by photographing postcards of children's camps from the USSR in nylon bags.

Children figures cut out from the postcards, are figures from children's camps called "young pioneers" of the era. These figures, which are controversial as to whether they were dream figures of children back then, become senseless figments for generations after the fall of the iron curtain. They reveal the reality of photographs' becoming obscure. On the other hand, nylon bags indicate the new world order as if they represent consumption and free economy. Also, the colorfulness of the photographs can be read as conspicuous happiness that comes with consumption.

We all know that postcards always praise the substantial. That's why it is impossible for us to know how much good memories they reflect (in fact, it is impossible to know whether what they reflect are good memories or not). Yet, here we are sure of something: as Volgareva mentions in her text, memories are related to what we feel about the time we are living in, and what we know about the past in general. That which is redundant to keep in mind is easily erased.