Gold Coast

Ying Ang
Fatma Karslıoğlu
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Gold Coast is the story of the South Coast by Ying Ang, which is known as the capital of the crime in Australia and turned into a center of attraction by real estate marketing companies.

Ying Ang has lived in this city for 17 years; while it was a problematic and dangerous area in the past, he tells that inventors, retirees, vacationers are seduced by the idea of perfect home/ neighborhood and turned this place into a great luxury area. But this transformation, which is the miracle of marketing, brings back fragments of the past. Instead of a "sterile" area free from its past, a new community which is deceived by the sun and the beach, and denies the realities have emerged.

Ying Ang describes the region as follows: "In the same way that we have signs of danger (broken windows, public housing), we also have signs of safety (swimming pools, perfect lawns). The Gold Coast exemplifies how powerful these images can be in insulating our opinions from our knowledge of what we know to be true. It manifests a mentality that creates a confirmation of one's security based on superficial checkpoints that have been identified by contemporary consumerist values. Everything will be ok so long as it looks ok, no matter how much proof there is of things rotting from the inside."

Ying Ang's photographic story is an indication of the fact that a safe area cannot be created with the beauty of the weather and architectural aesthetics. In fact, it means that what is defined as "safe" has surrounded by a "dangerous" environment and that the conflicts that this situation creates should be accepted. The result of the marketing -in Ang's words- is that "real estate and beautiful lies are bought and sold here every day."