Are You There?

Tanmay Chowdhary
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Tanmay Chowdhary's work "Are You There?" which he realized in the Death Valley and Salton Sea tells a story of a lost girl who has lived in an unknown time. Focusing on senses rather than documents, the work intensifies this impression via notes and music.

Tanmay Chowdhary who was born and grew up in the city of Calcutta in India, and who moved to the US when he was 18, summarizes his project and his relation to his project as: "…Since I moved here (Los Angeles) I constantly in more; each year being drastically different from the previous one. With the constant change around me, including the change in me, it was getting more and more difficult to remember how it all started. I fear that when I wake up in a few years, I won't remember my past anymore."

The words "It felt like a day from the future past" that accompany the photographs sums up the story in one sentence. It is a present-day construction of someone from the future as to how he will remember the past.