A Husband in Paris

Katarina Radovic
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As the list of things you should know about marriage continues being updated every year, the obligatory priorities change from person to person and even depending on who one's partner is. As a matter of fact, people can marry just because they are fed up with their own country.

Katarina Radovic's photography series "A Husband in Paris" which she did in 2007, fictionalizes this reality and plays with the idea of romanticism in a stereotyped way. The project can also be read as a criticism of hollow relationships, but a display of some potential sincerity through a single photograph as well. The artist tells about her project as follows: "I myself took up the role of a young woman from Eastern Europe in the search of a husband in Paris, the model of a Western 'city of dreams.' (...) The series of images A Husband in Paris was set out as a playful comment on the idea of marrying abroad for papers, due to political isolation in economically underdeveloped countries." And it really is. She decides with whom she would share the same photograph, she approaches that person and says: "How about posing with me as a married couple?"

Soon they get closer and start posing like they have been together for years. It wouldn't be wrong to say that potential partners are chosen among people skilled at posing or after all in this city of dreams everybody is capable of posing "as a married couple." In the end, even if the photographs multiply the meaning they bear as a bluff in order, the main point is to become a "world" citizen the quickest way possible.

The project which stands at the junction between cultural and cross-cultural problems, becomes a spontaneous game revealing the hidden dynamics of human relationships through an irony of movie sets displaying poetic appearances.